Nukazuke Kit "Nuka Marche"
Why don't you start pickling Nukazuke at home?

Nukazuke is a fermented food that contains a lot of vitamins, lactic acid bacteria, and enzymes, and is expected to have a beauty effect recently. I was thinking that my grandmother's bran floor would be separated someday, but I couldn't get started considering the time and pressure of daily care. Is it the same reason that I don't see many homes that I make around recently?

Meanwhile, I found the Nukazuke kit "NUKA MARCHÉ" sold by Kibiizu. It's an epoch-making product that you can pickle anything without getting your hands dirty and hassle-free. If you could do that easily, you wouldn't have a hard time ...! I tried it because I couldn't help but be worried because the expectations and expectations were mixed like a floor.

Nukazuke Kit "Nuka Marche"
The price is 1,300 yen (excluding tax) How easy is it?

Just add water to the bran floor

The package contains a bag of vacuum-packed dry bran. If you add water to this and mix it well, the bran floor will be completed in no time.

Nukazuke Kit "Nuka Marche"
The package is also fashionable

Nukazuke Kit "Nuka Marche"
Pour water

Nukazuke Kit "Nuka Marche"
If you look at the fir tree, it will be on the bran floor!

Rinse the pickled vegetables with water and sprinkle with salt to prepare. Nuka Marche is made for low temperature fermentation and takes about a day longer than usual. Cut it into small pieces depending on the ingredients so that you can do it quickly.

Nukazuke Kit "Nuka Marche"
You can do it faster if you cut it in advance

After burying it firmly in the bran floor, seal it and put it in the cup of the package as it is. All you have to do is leave it in the refrigerator for a few days. In the meantime, you don't have to stir!

Nukazuke Kit "Nuka Marche"
Fill it up

Nukazuke Kit "Nuka Marche"
To the refrigerator. It fits in the door pocket so it doesn't take up much space

Two days after I had forgotten a little. Take it out and have it in the same way as regular Nukazuke. Cucumbers and carrots, which can be said to be the staples of Nukazuke, have become fine Nukazuke that is not embarrassing wherever you put them. No, I'm impressed with the convincing finish that I can't think of being pickled for the first time ...!

Nukazuke Kit "Nuka Marche"
I wonder if it's done ~

Nukazuke Kit "Nuka Marche"
It was a genuine "nukazuke"!

What are the recommended ingredients?

Nukazuke can be made from most vegetables, so I'm happy that it helps to organize the refrigerator. Among the various things I tried this time, I personally liked the crunchy texture of King trumpet mushrooms. Myoga was quite spicy, but this goes well with sake.

Also, avocado seems to have different tastes, but I definitely want you to try it. The melty texture and the flavor of bran are mixed, and it is reborn as a delicacy (?) That seems to go well with sake and sake.

Avocado pickled in bran
Avocado pickled in bran that you can enjoy a unique flavor

Nuka Marche was developed by Kusatake Farm, which grows and pickles water eggplants in Hannan City, Osaka. The pickles made here have a genuine taste that is also delivered to the top restaurants in Keihanshin. It is said that Nuka Marche uses this secret bran that has been treated with insect repellent using a special technique without using chemicals.

Nuka Marche can usually be used 5 to 7 times and should be replaced when water comes out. It doesn't take up much space and you can make only the amount that is easy to eat, so the biggest point is that you can easily enjoy it even in a household with 1 or 2 people. The Nukazuke, which has been passed down from generation to generation, is also valuable, but by lowering the hurdles in this way, I think more people will be able to enjoy Japanese food culture by hand. Although there are still few dealers in Tokyo, I have a feeling that it will spread in various scenes in the future.