Poncho for outdoor festivals "Fespon"

"Fespon" for outdoor festivals will be on sale from the outdoor equipment brand "DOPPELGANGER OUTDOOR". A poncho full of ingenuity that makes it easier to listen to music and see the stage.

Poncho for outdoor festivals "Fespon"
Poncho for outdoor festivals "Fespon"

As the name suggests, "festival" is a poncho specializing in outdoor festivals. A wire is inserted around the edge of the hood to widen the space around the ear, making it easy to listen to music. A hood adjuster is also attached to the back of the neck. You can also adjust the hood angle to make it easier to see the stage.

"Fespon", a poncho for outdoor festivals designed to make it easier to listen to music
General ponchos tend to block your ears, but "Fespon" has a device that does not block your ears!

"Fespon" food adjuster
A hood adjuster that makes the stage easier to see is also included

Snap buttons to adjust the length are attached to the front and back. It is possible to switch between the "full guard mode" that guards below the knee and the "moving mode" that makes it easier to move around when the rain weakens.

"Full guard mode" and "moving mode" of "Fespon"
"Full guard mode (left image)" for heavy rain and "moving mode (right image)" for when the rain has weakened

Buttons and thumb hooks on the cuffs prevent the poncho from slipping off when it rises and raises its arm.

Buttons and thumb hooks on the cuffs
Enjoy the festival without getting your sleeves wet

The back body has a long design. Even if you carry a rucksack or shoulder bag on your back, it is designed so that your luggage will not get wet easily.

Long back design
But if you do this, your back will be soaked with sweat ...

When folded, it can be stored in about A5 size. You can carry it by hanging it on a belt loop or bag with a carabiner. It weighs 245 grams.

Can be stored in A5 size when folded
Is the weight reasonable?

The time from folding to opening is very short. It can handle sudden rain.

Procedure to open "Fespon"
If thunder begins to thunder, let's escape early!

The price is 8,000 yen (excluding consumption tax). You can purchase it at online shopping sites such as Rakuten.

Outdoor festival poncho "Fespon" front pocket
With front pocket