Narujo Ishii's honey
One scoop of honey for the tiredness of summer

* Seijo Ishii Boys are men in their 30s who live in Tokyo and go to the supermarket "Seijo Ishii" every week. High awareness of food. For ordinary people, only their own glasses will appear.

Writer : It's been a long time. The response from the previous article was good, so I would appreciate it if you could introduce interesting products this time as well.

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon :It was good. Recently, I'm feeling a bit of summer heat, so I'm eating this "bee pollen".

Seijo Ishii's Bee Pollen

Writer : It suddenly started without waiting for the progress ... Um, what is this?

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : It is a so-called pollen dumpling collected and hardened by bees. Since it is also a source of nutrition for the queen bee, it has a very high nutritional value and is also called "perfect food" overseas.

Seijo Ishii's Bee Pollen
Small granular pollen

Writer : Ah yes yes! It's the one Maya ate ! I thought it would be really delicious ~.

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : I don't know for a moment ... It's easy to eat if you eat it as it is or put it on yogurt.

Writer : Which one ... This tastes like "Noritama".

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon :Yes? Doesn't it look? smile

Writer : No, it's slightly sweet and has a similar rocky shore-like flavor ... It's cool as it is!

Seijo Ishii's Bee Pollen
Please try it to see if it really tastes like "Noritama".

Writer : Oh yeah, speaking of bees, today August 3rd is "Honey Day" . Seijo Ishii has a huge number of honeys and I don't know what to choose, but what about Seijo Ishii boys?

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : Honey is licked with a spoon every day. Please choose for me.

Writer : It looks like Pooh! Actually, I also use acacia for yogurt and a ranger that tastes like "the honey" for hot cakes.

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : Fufu, it's shallow.

Writer : What?

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : It 's as shallow as Yomimo who suddenly called himself "Carp Girls".

Writer : Oh, I'm sorry ...

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : We will introduce 3 products that will change your view of honey, so if you like it, please try it.

Com Honey (Honey in the Nest)

Narujo Ishii's honey
"Golden Nectar Hungarian Nest Honey" (1,990 yen)

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : First of all, this is "com honey", which is "honey as it is in the nest".

Writer : Wow, real!

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : You can eat the whole nest made of beeswax, so it seems to be rich in nutrients such as propolis, vitamins and minerals.

Narujo Ishii's honey
Punipuni's nest is full of honey

Writer : The crunchy texture is like sweets, and the honey is refreshing and delicious! But at the end, a gum-like residue remains. Maybe you like it.

Low honey (unheated honey)

Narujo Ishii's honey
"Eco Charge Kirgis White Honey" (1,590 yen)

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : Next, so-called "raw" honey that has not been heat-treated. It is said that it is more nutritious than ordinary honey because the ingredients that are normally lost remain as they are. This is the "real honey".

Writer : It's whitish and sticky. Even if you eat it as it is, it looks like the best sweets and is delicious ...!

Narujo Ishii's honey
Wrapped in blissful sweetness Enjoy with bread and cheese

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : By the way, I always keep in mind the intestines and try not to miss fermented foods, but it seems that this also has the effect of adjusting the intestinal environment.

Manuka honey

Narujo Ishii's honey
"The Honey Collection Active Manuka Honey UMF15 +" (6,990 yen)

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : At the end, tighten with super premium honey. It is "Manuka honey" that can be collected only in New Zealand.

Writer : Oh, I've heard this! This is the one that costs about 7,000 yen at Seijo Ishii !? Was he actually rich?

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : I got this as a birthday present from an acquaintance the other day. But if you think it's like women's cosmetics, you can't afford to buy it. It may be more effective if it is sloppy.

Author : (Does Seijo Ishii boys get Manuka honey on his birthday ...)

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : When it comes to Manuka honey, just keep in mind that it's "antibacterial." It's like a natural medicine that goes beyond honey. This UMF value is a quantification of the bactericidal action of Manuka honey, which also changes the price. Some can be bought from around 3,000 yen.

Narujo Ishii's honey
Highly active items with UMF15 or higher are very few valuables.

Writer : I hope you remember that it was so valuable. Yeah, this one also has a unique habit of being sticky, but it doesn't look like a chemical at all. I like it.

Seijo Ishii Men's Icon : For those who are not good at it as it is, it is recommended to dissolve it in herbal tea or black tea and drink it.

Narujo Ishii's honey

Writer : Oh, it's very easy to drink. You can put it in hot milk and drink it before you go to sleep! Thank you for telling us a lot this time as well!

Honey has been useful not only as a seasoning but also as a health food in the world. I wanted to study more deeply. Why don't you pick up a different honey on your honey day?

Narujo Ishii's honey
Thank you, Mr. Hachi

* All listed prices do not include tax