Acorn Republic "Castle in the Sky Laputa Pazu's Hat"
Let's go out ♪

"Castle in the Sky Laputa Pazou Hat" will be released in September at each store and online shop of "Donguri Republic". The price is 2,500 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

This is a work cap inspired by the hat worn by the main character, Pazu. As one point, the trumpet that Pazou blows during the work is embroidered. The size around the head is about 58-60 cm. The back is made of gathered rubber, which is also recommended for men.

The store also sells pendants (2,400 yen) that imitate "flying stones". How about a set?

Acorn Republic "Laputa the Castle in the Sky Shining Flying Stone"
It glows when you say "Bals"!

(C) Studio Ghibli