Zebra "Pre Feel x Snoopy"

A collaboration model with the popular character "Snoopy" has appeared in the Zebra ballpoint pen "Pre-Feel" series. It will be sold in limited quantities from August 29th.

Pre-feel is a customized ballpoint pen that allows you to combine your favorite holder (main body) and refill (refill). In this collaboration, Snoopy's illustrations are given to both the holder and the refill, and you can enjoy various appearances depending on the combination.

Zebra "NJK core x Snoopy"
Snoopy is tight to the middle!

The product lineup is as follows.
・ "Pre-feel x Snoopy 4-color holder" Price: 300 yen each (excluding tax, the same applies below)
Axis color: Denim blue, Flight blue, Festival pink, Ice clear white, Daily white ・ "NJK core x Snoopy" (gel ink) Price: 120 yen each Ink color: Black, blue, red, pink, orange

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