Star Wars "Storm Trooper" Toaster

As the name suggests, the Star Wars "Storm Trooper" toaster is a helmet-type toaster of the "Storm Trooper". It colors a corner of the kitchen with a Star Wars taste.

Star Wars "Storm Trooper" Toaster
Star Wars "Storm Trooper" Toaster: Do you feel better in the kitchen?

The only function that the toaster has, not this helmet ... is "to bake two toasts at a time". It is not equipped with an "air filtration device," "communication device," or "telephoto device," which is said to be mounted on a real helmet. However, it is possible to print the Imperial Army logo on the toast.

The color of the toast can be adjusted with the dial. You can select from "Dark side" to "Light side". If you're like buying a "Stormtrooper" toaster, this is of course the "dark side" option.

Star Wars "Storm Trooper" Toaster
Darth Vader is black ♪ Trooper is white ♪ ...

The size is 30.5x25.4x21.6 cm, which is quite large for a toast. However, it's a little smaller than a real-sized helmet, probably because the top is cut off. It weighs about 1.86 kg.

You can purchase it from the US mail order site. The price is $ 59.99. Shipping to Japan varies from site to site, but is often around $ 45-55.

Star Wars "Storm Trooper" Toaster
Death Star Round ~~ ♪

For those who want to peek into the dark side of the Force, a "Darth Vader" toaster is also available. When using it, please be careful if the other side does not look back.

Star Wars "Darth Vader" Toaster
Zoo ... Ko ... Zoo ... Ko ...

This can be purchased at in the United States. The price on is $ 21.99. Shipping to Japan is around $ 23-46.

"Darth Vader" Toaster
Of course, it is equipped with a "dark side" selection dial