HARIBO Carbonated sweets
It's a waste to eat as it is !?

German-born long-selling gummy brand "HARIBO". The standard flavor "Gold Bear" is a little hard, but it has recently become a hot topic that you can enjoy a jelly-like texture when soaked in soda or juice.

The trick that I didn't even know at all when I was biting into a drowsiness while studying for an examination. I was completely addicted to it when I tried it immediately, so this time I will introduce two easy-to-use sweets using this "pickled Haribo".

HARIBO Gold Bear
"Gold Bear" with colorful bears

Haribo "Cheeky Fox"
I also bought a new flavor "Cheeky Fox" with cola and orange soda flavor

First of all, the basic carbonated pickling is to soak Haribo gummy in cider and leave it in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. It swells about twice and you can enjoy the texture of jelly-like puyonpuyon. A little core remains in the center, which is a nice point for Haribo lovers.

Haribo pickled in carbonic acid
Put cider in the fridge so that the whole gummy candies are soaked.

Haribo pickled in carbonic acid
I grew up as a bear. It ’s delicious to eat as it is.

HARIBO popsicles

Pour the carbonated Haribo and your favorite soft drink into a mold and harden it to make a popsicle with a pleasant texture. If the gummy candies are still hard, they will become even more stubborn, so use the ones that have been fully soaked.

HARIBO popsicles
This time I used a refreshing sprite

From the soft gummy part, you can feel the squishy stimulus of carbonic acid, and by using a carbonated drink, the ice lolly part will also be crispy and easy to eat. It's better to add plenty of gummy candies.

HARIBO popsicles
Cheeky Fox also feels good

Fruit punch with HARIBO

Next is the recipe that was distributed at PLAZA where I bought Haribo. Take out the syrup from the fruit can, add the haribo gummy, and soak it overnight to prepare it. Let's cool the fruit well.

Fruit punch with HARIBO
This time pickled in syrup

Serve fruit and haribo on a plate, and pour cider at the end to complete. If the sweetness is not enough, add syrup to adjust. By adding Haribo like a bite jelly, it becomes a gorgeous fruit punch.

Fruit punch with HARIBO
It looks like a glittering jewel

The idea of scales from the eyes that Haribo, which is delicious as it is, transforms into sweets that are perfect for hot days just by waiting for a while. Please try it during your summer vacation!

Fruit punch with HARIBO
I wonder if I'll try pickling sake next time