Women's loincloth "Nanafun"

A new design has appeared in Wacoal's women's loincloth brand "Nanafun". A shorts type that uses a fantasy print pattern and is easy for beginners to use is also available.

"Nanafun" is a loincloth for women that "aimed at" freedom and liberation "from the tightness of underwear." Since its appearance in 2008, it has been attracting attention due to its high design.

The "Nanafun JF6780" and "Nanafun loincloth shorts JF6781" released this time are characterized by a flowing curved pattern. You can choose from two colors, SX (sax) and IV (ivory). The sales price excluding tax is 1,500 yen for the "JF6780" and 1,300 yen for the "JF6781".

Unnana Cool Nanafun
"Nanafun JF6780"

Unnana Cool Shorts
"Nanafun loincloth type shorts JF6781"

By the way, the author is one who bought a loincloth because of the recent boom. I use it occasionally at bedtime and feel much more relaxed than regular underwear. A loincloth for women with many fashionable patterns that can be shown dignifiedly to lovers. If you are interested, why don't you try the first one?

How to attach loincloth
Is it embarrassing to see this scene?