Philips "Sonicare Gum Health"
What kind of care do Japanese people need?

From the Philips electric toothbrush brand "Sonicare", a new model "Sonicare Gum Health" developed for Japanese people will be released in early September. The estimated market price is 15,800 yen (excluding tax).

This product is an electric toothbrush specializing in "plaque removal between teeth" and "gum care". It is said that it was developed as a product that can efficiently take measures against periodontal disease in the present age when it is said that about 80% of Japanese adults over 30 years old have "periodontal disease" (*). * From data from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

The newly developed "Proresults Gum Health Brush Head" is used for the brush head. The long bristles are easy to hit the gums, and the slightly longer brush bristles placed in the center remove plaque between the teeth and gums.

Philips "Sonicare Gum Health"
"Proresults Gum Health Brush Head" Efficiently removes plaque that causes periodontal disease

Philips "Sonicare Gum Health"
Firmly fits complex tooth shapes (image)

In addition, the main body is equipped with a "gum plus mode" that gently massages the gums for 2 minutes after brushing. Gives a comfortable vibration to sensitive gums.

In addition, the strength can be adjusted in 3 steps, allowing brushing to suit your taste. The weak mode was easy to polish even for the author who is not good at strong vibrations.

Philips "Sonicare Gum Health"
You can change the strength quickly at hand

What should I choose ...?

With the addition of this new product, Sonic Care has expanded to a total of 6 models and 7 types of brush heads. What on earth should I choose based on? I have summarized them according to the purpose of oral care.

First of all, for those who are concerned about the health of their gums, the "Gum Health" mentioned earlier. This is the only model that has a gum plus mode.

If you place importance on oral care such as bad breath and whitening, then "Diamond Clean". The "Deep Clean Edition" with improved plaque removal power is scheduled to be released in September, and an elegant new color "Rose Gold" will also be added. It comes with a "glass-type charging stand", so it's irresistible for fashionable home appliances lovers ( Click here for a detailed review of Diamond Clean).

Sonicare Diamond Clean Deep Clean Edition
Equipped with various menus such as "whitening mode" and "polish mode" (the image is a new color "rose gold")

In addition, "Flex Care Plus" and "Healthy White" are also available, which are priced to be easy to pick up by narrowing down the functions of Diamond Clean.

Sonicare "Flex Care Plus"
"Flex Care Plus" Equipped with a 1-minute "refresh mode" that allows you to polish quickly

Sonicare "Healthy White"
"Healthy White" specializing in removing stains on teeth

"Flex Care Platinum" is for those who want to prevent tooth decay. Comes with "Adaptive Clean", a brush head that boasts the highest plaque removal power in the history of the brand.

Sonicare "Flex Care Platinum"
"Flex Care Platinum" with 2 brushes and 3 modes

For those who want to get used to electric toothbrushes, there is also an entry model "Easy Clean" that you can buy for around 5,000 yen. Since each brush head is compatible, each family member can use their favorite brush if there is only one body.

Sonicare "Easy Clean"
"Easy Clean" that you can buy for 5,000 yen

Autumn of appetite is coming soon. Dental health is the number one priority for "eating delicious food", so be sure to review your tooth brushing habits!