Electrolux "Ergorapido Lithium Bed Pro Power"
Clean the whole house with one!

Electrolux's 2in1 stick cleaner "Ergorapido" is now available in three models, including a model equipped with a "futon nozzle". It will be on sale from September 9th.

"Ergorapido Lithium Bed Pro Power", which is newly equipped with a nozzle for futon with UV light as standard equipment, can remove mites and house dust hidden in the futon and bed in addition to daily cleaning. It has a high mite allergen removal rate and has been certified by the British Allergy Association.

Electrolux "Ergorapido Lithium Bed Pro Power"
When the futon nozzle is installed

The main body is equipped with a turbo-powered lithium-ion battery, and the maximum continuous operation time on flooring is 45 minutes (when using standard mode). The dust removal rate is 98%.

Electrolux "Ergorapido Lithium Bed Pro Power"
2 colors

Electrolux "Ergorapido Lithium Bed Pro Power"
It can be operated for a long time and can be cleaned in every corner at once.

In addition, two new models, the "Ergorapido Lithium Standard" equipped with six accessories as standard equipment and the entry model "Ergorapido Lithium Color Pop" with pop colors, are also available. The main body size is W263 x D150 x H1,070 mm, and the price is open.

Electrolux "Ergorapido Lithium Standard"
Standard model that supports continuous operation for up to 30 minutes

Electrolux "Ergorapido Lithium Color Pop"
Entry model that can also be an accent in the room