Tokyo Disaster Prevention P.207 "Changing the size of batteries"
Transforms AA batteries into single batteries

The disaster prevention book "Tokyo Disaster Prevention" distributed to each household in Tokyo in 2015. It was packed with countermeasures for disasters such as large earthquakes, and the somewhat enthusiastic content evoked a sensation. However, there are many people who just read it and did not take any action.

"Tokyo disaster prevention" with many disaster prevention manuals
Are you taking action to protect yourself from a disaster?

What you should actually try and remember what to do in the event of a disaster. So, I will introduce the skills of "Tokyo disaster prevention" that I tried for 3 days from today to Disaster Prevention Day (September 1st) in order. The first is "How to change the size of batteries".

When I tried to use the flashlight because of a power outage, the single battery inside was dead. In such a case, the skill of "changing the size of batteries" introduced on page 207 of "Tokyo Disaster Prevention" seems to be useful. Wrap a cloth such as a handkerchief around an AA battery to increase the diameter to 3.4 cm, and then tape the edges of the cloth. You can use it as a single battery by adjusting the height with rolled aluminum foil.

Tokyo Disaster Prevention P.207 "Changing the size of batteries"
Wrap a cloth (left) and adjust the height with aluminum foil (right)

Tokyo Disaster Prevention P.207 "Changing the size of batteries"
I was able to set it in the flashlight

If you adjust the diameter to 2.6 cm, you can use it as a C battery. In that case, aluminum foil is not needed. It's just an emergency measure, so it's ideal to stockpile all the necessary batteries and check the condition regularly.

Tomorrow, August 31st, we will introduce " Making a rucksack using long pants".

* You can download the electronic version of "Tokyo Disaster Prevention" from electronic bookstores such as Kindle and Rakuten Kobo (free of charge).