James Martin Medicinal Foam Hand Soap
Professional hand soap

"James Martin Medicinal Foam Hand Soap" will be released on August 31st from "James Martin ", a brand that develops alcohol preparations for disinfection.

The distributor is First Collection, an affiliate of 4Cs, which operates restaurants such as "Pizza-La" and "Kua Aina". The hand soap, which was developed based on the voices of eating, drinking, medical care, and nursing care, is recommended for hand washing during cooking because it is fragrance-free and has a quick and clean feel.

James Martin Medicinal Foam Hand Soap
Fragrance-free finish that prevents odor transfer to ingredients and tableware

Also, considering that you wash your hands many times a day, it contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients. It is a weakly acidic formula that does not cause rough skin, and has been proven to have a high bactericidal effect.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 1,180 yen (tax included) with 400 ml. You can purchase it at Amazon.co.jp.

James Martin Medicinal Foam Hand Soap
With alcohol preparation