Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
Let's go back in time

When I was a kid, I used to go to stationery stores rather than candy stores when I received pocket money. The number of private stationery stores like those at that time has decreased, but the other day I discovered a strange stationery store that "opens only on Saturdays and Sundays" while developing the neighborhood of my home.

The name of the shop is "Nakamura Stationery Store". A 5-minute walk from "Musashi-Koganei Station" on the JR Chuo Line, this shop has an impressive blue wall and retro appearance.

Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
Practical bicycle!

When you open the sliding door and enter the store, you will feel a sepia-colored atmosphere as if you had traveled back in time. Its true identity was old stationery lined up in the store.

Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
Like a museum

Specialty store of old stationery

The stationery items sold at Nakamura Stationery Store are the Showa stationery items that are rarely seen today. You can pick up heavy 2-hole punches and writing tools, as well as rocket pencils, erasers, and knives that the author in his thirties had collected when he was a child, and his chest is almost crushed by nostalgia.

Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
Two-hole punch for lions and curls

Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
The furniture is also old

Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
Was this knife that was sharpening a pencil a character like this?

Original product of paper lover faint in agony

Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
I have no eyes on paper

The one I especially liked and bought was the original memo pad and one-stroke paper. Various "books" are generously used in the memo pad, and the luxury of using high-quality paper as a memo is irresistible.

Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
The pale and colorful lines are beautiful.

Graph paper, manuscript paper, and faded notepads are randomly bound on the one-stroke paper. There seems to be various uses.

Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
I liked the translucent graph paper!

Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
I don't have very good memories on the manuscript paper ...

In addition, as original products, a pen case with a straw bag and a certificate tube style was also sold.

A stationery store that has been in Musashi-Koganei for 60 years

The store is a stationery store that has been in the area for 60 years, and the current owner is the third generation. It seems that they are a wholesaler of stationery on weekdays.

When I asked him where to collect such old stationery (and unused items) instead of exhibiting it, the secret is how to purchase it. Perhaps this place is a different space-time.

The day I visited was crowded with regulars and customers of all ages, and a friendly conversation was held. Why don't you come and visit us for the perfect peace of mind on your holidays?

Musashi Koganei "Nakamura Stationery Store"
Godzilla was the New Year's movie

Nakamura Stationery Store
Location: 4-13-17 Nakacho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo
Business hours: 12:00 to 18:00 (open only on Saturdays and Sundays)
Nakamura stationery store
Address:4-13-17 Nakacho, Koganei-shi, Tokyo
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