Pip "Odor Escape Mask"
It's about time for the mask

Mask users who increase at once when it gets cool. There are various reasons to wear it, such as prevention of virus infection, no makeup, and protection against the cold, but recently many people use masks to deal with "unpleasant odors" such as sweat and bad breath.

There is no escape! At that time

The "Odor Escape Mask" released by PIP on September 12th seems to be a reliable measure against odors in unavoidable scenes such as trains and crowds.

Pip "Odor Escape Mask"
Strong name and package

At first glance, it is a normal mask, but it is composed of four layers such as a "deodorant filter" and an "electrostatic filter" that blocks pollen and virus droplets, and blocks odors that cause sweat and aging odors. Yes. The package is a bit hard to show in public, but you may not have to put up with it or change vehicles. The price is open with 3 pieces.

Pip "Odor Escape Mask"
It seems to be a limited quantity product

My bad breath noticed with a mask

On the other hand, according to a survey conducted by Earth Pharmaceutical on 400 men and women in their 20s and 50s who use masks, 74.5% said that they were "worried about the odor in the mask when wearing the mask ." Nevertheless, only 16.2% of people always take care of bad breath.

Earth Pharmaceutical "Survey on bad breath when wearing a mask"
Maybe I'm crazy ...?

In addition, when you are worried about someone else's bad breath, "keep a distance from the other person" (35.5%), "get away from the other person" (27.5%), "get away from the place" (22.8%), etc. It seems that there were many. Instead of pointing out, it seems that it is common to fade out from yourself.

Earth Pharmaceutical "Survey on bad breath when wearing a mask"
Few people point out the bad breath of others

Instead of worrying that you're okay because you won't be told anything, it's important to take care of yourself, such as using antiperspirants, brushing your teeth on beans, and carrying mouthwash. I don't want to be surprised even if I wear a mask in front of me.

Mouthwash Listerine and Mondamin
Mini size mouthwash is convenient

Survey source: Earth Pharmaceutical "Survey on bad breath when wearing a mask" (Implementation period: July 8 to 11, 2016, Internet survey)