Cocoa toast
Modest sweetness, toast covered with milk cocoa.
Material ( 1 serving )
6 slices of bread 1 sheet
butter Appropriate amount
Milk cocoa Appropriate amount
Cocoa toast recipe
Making sweet toast with milk cocoa

This series introduces simple and delicious toast recipes. Today, the third time, I would like to introduce the "cocoa toast" that my mother used to make.

Ingredients: Bread (1 slice of 6 slices) / Butter (appropriate amount) / Milk cocoa (appropriate amount)

Cocoa toast recipe
Three basic ingredients

How to make:
1. Apply butter to the bread.
2. Sprinkle with milk cocoa and spread evenly.

Cocoa toast recipe
Apply butter (left) and spread milk cocoa (right)

Cocoa toast recipe
Plenty to the edge, the point

3. Bake lightly in an oven toaster.

Cocoa toast recipe

Cocoa toast recipe
The cross section looks like this

Bake for a very short time as it is easy to burn. It's okay if the milk cocoa blends well with the butter and is no longer powdery. The surface is jerky and the inside is fluffy. The sweetness is modest, so it is recommended to put ice cream or whipped cream on it.

Cocoa toast recipe
Even if you put ice cream on it and make it like a dessert

Please look forward to the next recipe!

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