Iris Ohyama will release an LED bulb "LED filament bulb" that reproduces the "light of an incandescent bulb" on September 9th.

Iris Ohyama "LED Filament Light Bulb"
Abundant designs to choose from according to lighting and interior

This product is a light bulb that reproduces the spread and texture of the light of an incandescent light bulb by installing an LED that imitates the "filament" that is characteristic of incandescent light bulbs. It also has the energy-saving performance of LED lighting, and the design life is about 20,000 hours.

There are two types of lineup: general light bulb type (E26 base) and chandelier ball type (E17 base). You can choose from two types of glass gloves (covers), light bulb color and neutral white, and white type and clear type. The price ranges from 1,480 yen to 2,480 yen (excluding tax).