Philips "Sonicare Kids"
Children are also in the age of electric toothbrushes

Philips Electronics Japan will release "Sonicare Kids", a rechargeable electric toothbrush for children, in early October. By holding down the acupoints of children, such as "collecting," "raising," and "customizing," they will happily support the polishing of one person.

According to the company, parents' awareness of oral care for children has increased in recent years, and the number of cavities in children is decreasing. However, it is said that many children have worries about brushing their teeth alone, such as "I'm worried if I'm brushing my teeth correctly" and "I have (actually) leftovers."

Child brushing teeth
Are you polishing only the same place?

Works with smartphones and tablets

This product was developed there. It is designed to be easy for children to grasp while adopting the sonic water flow that is a feature of the series. The brush head is covered with rubber so that it doesn't matter if it hits or bites, and two types of vibration levels can be selected.

Philips "Sonicare Kids"
Ergonomically designed handle

Philips "Sonicare Kids"
Mini size brush head that fits the size of the child's mouth

The main body is equipped with Bluetooth for the first time in the Japanese Sonicare series. Connect to your smartphone or tablet and use the dedicated app "Sonic Care Kids App" in cooperation with the toothbrush.

App with children's acupoints

Philips "Sonicare Kids"
This child is "Sparkly"

A character called "Sparkly" will appear in the app and will give you advice on brushing your teeth. Every time a child brushes his teeth, he receives a "reward" for Sparkly, and he grows up by changing clothes and giving snacks. They show various expressions with big eyes and are very cute!

Philips "Sonicare Kids"
Brush your teeth to get items for Sparkly

Philips "Sonicare Kids"
You can also change the color with a spray (?). The moving figure is so cute!

Also, when brushing your teeth, the image and sound in your mouth will guide you how to move the brush. It also tells you the vibration of the main body every 30 seconds, so you don't have to worry about continuing to polish only one place.

Philips "Sonicare Kids"
Screen while brushing teeth It seems that it makes use of the habit of children who are good at imitating

On the parental screen, you can manage your toothpaste records and freely set rewards for your children. It seems that it will lead to further motivation.

Philips "Sonicare Kids"
"If you brush your teeth for 3 days, it's a hamburger steak!"

For your own toothbrush

Philips "Sonicare Kids"
Customization stickers

In addition, various handle stickers are also included. You can freely decorate the main body and enjoy it.

Philips "Sonicare Kids"
Stick it on the cover and have fun

The size of the main body is W34 x H232 x D34 mm, and the weight is 135.4 g. The target age is 4 years old and over. The app is compatible with iOS 9.0 and above (Android version will be released around January 2017). The estimated price is 9,980 yen (excluding tax).

Around 6 years old, when you can understand the necessity of lifestyle, it is the best time to get into the habit of brushing your teeth. At first, the mother may use it for finishing and gradually get used to it. Why not consider a household that is having trouble brushing their teeth?