Japonica Friend "Mystery Solving Series"
"Mystery solving series" where inspiration is tested

The "Mystery Solving Series" jointly developed with SCRAP, which operates the "Real Escape Game", is now available in "Japonica Friend", a notebook for upper elementary school students of Showa Note. It will be on sale from the end of November.

This product is a study notebook with a story-style "mystery". It is composed of contents related to 5 subjects (Japanese language, math, science, society, music), and each subject has 2 types of difficulty, 1 question each, for a total of 2 questions.

Japonica Friend "Mystery Solving Series"
6th grade 2 groups of 3 good friends play an active part as a boy detective team!

Answers for "easy mysteries" are posted in the notebook, and for "difficult mysteries" are posted on a special web page. You can enjoy it with only one type of notebook, but five books make up one school story, and if you have all of them, you can see the mystery solving of the 11th question and the ending of the story on the Web.

The notebook is a B5 size 5mm grid ruled line. The price is 180 yen per book and 900 yen for a pack of 5 books (both tax excluded). The online shopping site "SCRAP GOODS SHOP" will accept reservations from November 1st, and will also be sold at stationery stores and bookstores.