How to make linen water
A quick blow all over the house

Around this time, it suddenly became chilly in the morning and evening, and the unclean weather continued. If your body cannot keep up with changes in temperature, you will suffer from symptoms such as drowsiness and drowsiness. Also, if you feel uneasy or depressed for no reason, there is a possibility of "autumn depression", so I want to be careful.

Aroma is an easy way to change your mood every day. For those who find that a typical room fragrance has a too strong scent, we recommend "linen water" using essential oils.

Linen water is water with a condensed scent that remains after the essential oil is extracted from plants. Overseas, he uses it for washing and ironing and enjoys the slight scent. It is commercially available, but you can easily make it at home.

How to make

How to make linen water

Material (50 ml)
・ Absolute ethanol 10ml (0.34us fl oz)
・ Purified water 40ml (1.35us fl oz)
・ 10 drops of your favorite essential oil

First, mix ethanol and essential oil, then add purified water and mix well, then transfer to a spray bottle to complete. The bottle should be made of glass as much as possible, but if it is used up quickly or if it is a small amount, a plastic bottle is fine.

How to make linen water
Put the ingredients in a beaker or measuring cup and mix

How to make linen water
Put it in a glass bottle and shake it well before using it.

You can smell the oil you like, or you can choose it from the effects on the aromatherapy site. The author's recommendation is chamomile and bergamot. Lavender and clary sage are also good when you can't sleep.

How to use

How to make linen water
For habits before going to bed ...

It can be used in various places throughout the house, such as spraying on sofas, bedding, curtains (where it is not exposed to direct sunlight), room spray, fragrance, and ironing. You can make small amounts for each scent and use them according to your mood.

Autumn is a season with lots of fun such as seasonal tastes and autumn leaves. I want to spend a good time with a little ingenuity.