Omiya Western Confectionery Store Kanda Store
I'm going to buy a special snack

An era in which delicious sweets can be easily ordered on the Internet. However, I feel that the taste will increase if you go directly to buy with your own feet. I went looking for a "special snack" that everyone in the city knows.

I got off at JR Ochanomizu Station. There are many schools such as Tokyo Medical and Dental University and Meiji University, and there are also historical buildings such as Yushima Seido and Nikolai-do, which makes me feel nostalgic. Many companies go to Kanda Myojin for the first time.

Hijiribashi Exit of Ochanomizu Station
I remember "Norwegian Wood"

I can't talk about raisins without eating this

First, go out the Hijiribashi exit, cross the Hijiribashi, and head to the restaurant "Ogawaken Ochanomizu" along Hongo-dori. The raisin sand legend "Raisin Witch" is on sale at the entrance on the 1st floor. The price is 1,200 yen (excluding tax) for 10 pieces.

Ochanomizu Ogawaken "Raisin Witch"
The red awning is a landmark

Ochanomizu Ogawaken "Raisin Witch"
It's also popular as a souvenir for your husband, saying, "It's sold out on a sunny day."

This is a sweet made by sandwiching raisins soaked in Western liquor and low-sweetness cream between two sable cookies. When you bite into the sable, the raisins overflow with the mellow sweetness and the aroma of Western liquor, which makes you feel happiest. About 30 raisins are lined up in each piece, and once you eat it, you will never forget it.

Ochanomizu Ogawaken "Raisin Witch"
Good aroma of raisins and liquor

Ochanomizu Ogawaken "Raisin Witch"
Hmm happy

The expiration date is 5 days from the date of purchase. Let's chill it well in the refrigerator and eat it. As an aside, Ogawaken's raisin witch seems to have different tastes at each store in Daikanyama, Meguro / Shimbashi, and Kamakura, so I'd like to conquer all of them someday.

A retro and calming pastry shop

I enjoyed the place where I would like to have Western food in the store, and today I came to buy a snack, so let's walk a little longer. Cross the Hijiribashi again, proceed in front of Nikolai-do, and go down Shinzaka to the "Omiya Western Sweets Shop".

Nikolai-do (Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral Church)
A little ahead of Nikolai-do to the left

Ochanomizu "Shinzaka"
Go down the hill

Omiya Western Confectionery Store Kanda Store
The lighting is dim, so be careful not to overlook it!

Western confectionery and sweet buns using seasonal fruits such as apple pie and fruit punch are sold in the store with a high ceiling and a retro interior. If you want to take it home, you can eat it in the coffee shop in the back. In the case of eat-in, if you pay an additional 600 yen, you will be given a cup of drink bar.

Omiya Western Confectionery Store Kanda Store
Inside the store with a Showa atmosphere

I chose strawberry sandwich short and French toast. All-you-can-drink drinks include fresh juice, tea, hot milk, and "beef and vegetable soup" made in the store.

Omiya Western Confectionery Store Kanda Store
Come on, let's go!

French toast is a side dish bread with a slightly sweet crispy toast and the saltiness of eggs and bacon. I want to eat it every day with its simple taste!

Strawberry sandwich shortcake is a shortcake with plenty of cream and strawberries sandwiched between round sponges. You can enjoy the crispy texture on the outside of the coarse sponge, and the balance between the rich and fluffy cream and the sweet and sour strawberries is exquisite. It has a simple appearance, and the modern handmade feeling and nostalgia that you are accustomed to seeing "a delicate cake with elaborate taste" rushes in at once.

Omiya Western Confectionery Store Kanda Store
I remember when I was a kid when cakes were special

The vegetables in the soup are simmered in a toro, and the sweetness of the vegetables and the taste of the meat are refreshingly seasoned.

Omiya Western Confectionery Store Kanda Store
Soup with the sweetness of vegetables

I was inadvertently full because I thought I came to buy it, but if the weather is nice, it's fun to take a walk to Jimbocho. See you in some city again.

Ogawaken Ochanomizu
1-9-3 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

Omiya Western Confectionery Store Kanda Store
2-4 Kanda Awajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
* Product lineup and price may change depending on purchase.