"Zenrinji Eikando" (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
"Zenrinji Eikando" (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) was selected as the 1st place

Travel word-of-mouth site "TripAdvisor" announces "I'm glad I went! Autumn leaves ranking 2016". Various attractions across the country have been selected as the Top 20.

The first place was "Zenrinji Eikando" (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture), which is also called "Autumn Leaves Eikando". It has a reputation for being beautifully lit up at night as well as during the day, and it seems that there is a long line to buy tickets.

In second place is the Oirase Gorge (Towada City, Aomori Prefecture), which has a deep natural forest and rivers and is reputed to be very relaxing. Many people walk and enjoy the scenery to enjoy the contrast between nature and the sound of water.

"Oirase Gorge" (Towada City, Aomori Prefecture)
Second place is "Oirase Gorge"

Third place is Tofukuji Temple (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture), which is popular for its colorful autumn leaves seen from Tsuten Bridge. It has been evaluated as "it is attractive that the color of the autumn leaves varies depending on the season even if you visit many times."

"Tofukuji Temple" (Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture)
3rd place is "Tofukuji"

The ranking is a compilation of Japanese reviews posted on the site about autumn leaves using an original algorithm based on the average of 5 levels and the number of reviews posted. The target period is 3 years from August 2013 to July 2016.

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