Basclean "Ogasawara Island Aroma Bath Collection"

Basclean will release the bath salt "Ogasawara Island Aroma Bath Collection" on October 3rd. The price is open for 12 times (30g (1.06oz) each).

This product is a bath salt that gives you the feeling of going to the world heritage site "Ogasawara Islands" in Tokyo. We use fragrances that have been analyzed, developed, and reproduced by collecting from the endemic plants and specialty fruits of the Ogasawara Islands.

Contains "Splash Beads" that foam when placed in hot water and spread a fresh and voluminous scent with a bright hot water color. It also contains the moisturizing ingredients organic jojoba oil and evening primrose oil. There are 4 types of scents, "Munin Himetsubaki", "Ogasawara Lemon", "Ogasawara Passion Fruit", and "Shimagyokushinka", 3 packets each.

Also on October 3rd, the new products "Adult Basclean Kaoru-kaoru-Moist Flower Hiraku Japanese Flower Fragrance" and "Adult Basclean Kaoru-kaoru-" featuring "Japanese-themed hot water color and scent" "The scent of gyokuro standing from the tea incense oven" will also be released. The capacity is 600g (21.16oz) each and the price is open.

"Adult Basclean Kaoru-kaoru-Moist flowers open Japanese flower scent" etc.