McKee Disney Collection for Paper
The characters are different for each color!

From October 11th, a limited number of "Paper McKee Disney Collection" designed with Disney characters will be on sale from Zebra's water-based marker "Paper McKee".

McKee for paper is a water-based ink marker that does not move back even when written on paper. In the limited edition products released this time, popular characters such as "Mickey Mouse" and "Minnie Mouse" are designed on the body.

McKee Disney Collection for Paper
Designed to match the image color of each character

There are two types of lineup, a thick / thin type (200 yen per piece) and a thin / extra-fine type (170 yen per piece). The QR code of the Disney coloring book download site is attached to the 8-color set product. * All listed prices do not include tax

McKee Disney Collection for Paper
I want to do Disney coloring book ...

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