UHA Mikakuto "Nyankore"
The package is "Noseneko"

The fruit assorted candy "Nyankore" released today (October 3rd) has started recruiting "love cat photos" to commemorate the release. If selected, it will be used for individual candy packaging.

Nyankore is a candy developed with the concept of "cat collection". Various cat photographs are printed on the individual wrapping, and a name and a word are attached. There are eight flavors (assorted): pineapple, grape, muscat, orange, apple, peach, strawberry, and lemon.

To commemorate the release, UHA Mikakuto has started recruiting photos of cats. Approximately 100 people will be selected from the submitted photos and designed for individual packaging of the products. Applications are being accepted on the official website of the product.

UHA Mikakuto "Nyankore"
Nice to meet you, Nya (recruitment image)