PLAZA "WARM & COZY" promotion

"WARM & COZY", a project to promote fashion accessories in the fall and winter, will start in early October at imported household goods stores PLAZA and MINiPLA. Items that will play a leading role in coordination, such as mufflers and knit hats, will be on sale.

An example of the lineup is as follows. The listed price does not include tax. The products handled differ depending on the store.

・ "James Stride check stall" 5 types, 7,500 yen each

James Stride check stall

The traditional checkered pattern based on the trendy red is the perfect stall for a beautiful style. Easy-to-use large format type (W200cm x H62cm).

・ "KNIT WITS Animal Hat" All 8 types 4,200 yen each


A knit hat that covers your ears and protects you from the cold. Recommended when you want to add playfulness to your coordination.

・ All 6 types of "Animal Gloves" 2,900 yen each

Animal gloves

Gloves with a slightly longer wrist and a clean line. It is an "adult cute" design with animals.

・ All 8 types of "Monster Mini Pouch" 3,900 yen each

Monster mini pouch

A design that allows you to see the eyeballs of the acrylic material and the gold edges from the fluffy fur. It can be used as a coordination accent.

In addition to this, it is said that there will be many small items that will increase the trendy feeling just by incorporating one.