Happy Halloween Monster Hoodie

The coming October 31st is Halloween. If you're a shy woman who thinks it's embarrassing to go out in a costume, why not take the plunge at home? Room wear and slippers that anyone can feel like Halloween are on sale on the PEACH JOHN website. An example of the lineup and the selling price (excluding tax) are as follows.

・ Happy Halloween Monster Parka (3,980 yen)
A hoodie that transforms into a monster when you wear a hood. It is said that it will be active even on cold days in October because it is "warm and moco-moco".

Happy Halloween Monster Hoodie

・ Monster room shoes (3,280 yen)
Shoes that look like they have a monster at their feet.

Monster room shoes

・ Happy Halloween Cat Mini Dress Set (3,980 yen)
The first place that can be a cute cat. Since the Katyusha is also included in the set, it is said that the outfit will be completed with this one piece.

Happy Halloween Cat Mini Dress Set

・ Happy Halloween Mummy Dress (3,980 yen)
At first glance, it looks like a normal dress, and when you lower the zip, a mummy appears.

Happy Halloween Mummy Dress

The website also has a lineup of sexy underwear sets and makeup items. If you're planning a date at home, why not make a bold makeover and surprise him?