Hairbrush series "toucherie"

The hairbrush series "toucherie" using natural hair has been released by Kai.

toucherie is a brush series that aims to "care for hair damage with daily brushing and lead to shiny and beautiful hair." There are 6 types of lineup, including a set brush using natural hair that gives hair moisture and natural luster, and a set comb that is useful for styling. Targeting young women who have no eyes on cute things, the design is based on white and pink.

Hairbrush "toucherie"
Set brush using natural hair etc.

The lineup is as follows. The listed price does not include tax.
・ Set brush L (1,350 yen)
・ Set brush S (1,100 yen)
・ Roll brush (1,450 yen)
・ Set comb (500 yen)
・ Set comb (folding) (400 yen)
・ Hand comb L coarse (600 yen)