Vitantonio tea bottle "TWISTEA"
Easy to make black tea anywhere

From the home appliance brand "Vitantonio", a teapot "TWISTEA" that combines a teapot and a tumbler will be released in mid-October. The price is 2,400 yen (excluding tax).

A tea strainer filter is mounted on the bottom of the bottle, and tea leaves are set and extracted in the same way as a teapot. After extraction, the tea leaves and tea are separated by twisting the main body and closing the valve, and it seems that the desired concentration can be maintained.

Vitantonio tea bottle "TWISTEA"
The point is the sluice valve that opens and closes when twisted

Vitantonio tea bottle "TWISTEA"
The container can be used as it is as a tumbler with a lid

The bottle has a two-layer structure that does not get hot even when hot water is added and prevents condensation. Both hot water and water can be extracted according to the season and tea leaves. If you open the valve again and add hot water, you can enjoy the second and third brews of Japanese and Chinese teas.

The main body size is W67 x D67 x H205mm, and the weight is 330g (11.64oz). The capacity is 380 ml (upper part 290 ml, lower part 90 ml). There are four color variations: red, green, brown, and cream.