Linz's Christmas product "Linz Teddy"

Lindt will release chocolate products for Christmas, which are also useful as gifts, on November 2nd. There will be an "Advent calendar" filled with chocolate in a "small window" and a "Lint's teddy" in the shape of a teddy bear. A part of the lineup is as follows.

■ Linz Teddy Advent Calendar : 172g (6.07oz) 2,280 yen (tax included, same below)
Lindor Advent Calendar : 290g (10.23oz) 3,240 yen

The Advent calendar is a calendar for the Christmas season. You can enjoy the chocolates inside while opening the dated "windows" one by one every day until Christmas. There are two types, the "Lint's Teddy Advent Calendar", which is a box or chocolate with a teddy bear design, and the "Lindole Advent Calendar", which contains the most popular product "Lindole" in Linz.

Linz Teddy Advent Calendar
"Lint's Teddy Advent Calendar" with a teddy bear motif

Lindor Advent Calendar
"Lindole Advent Calendar" that collects Lindor

Linz Teddy : 100g (3.53oz) 880 yen

A product in the shape of a teddy bear with high quality milk chocolate. A golden foil is wrapped around the body, a red ribbon is wrapped around the neck, and a red heart charm is hung.

Linz's Christmas product "Linz Teddy"
"Lint's Teddy" with a cute smile

Lindor Classic Gift Box :
20 pieces 2,500 yen, 28 pieces 3,500 yen, 50 pieces 6,000 yen

A gift box filled with Lindor. Three sizes are available, which are useful for Christmas gifts and year-end gifts.

Lindor Classic Gift Box
"Lindole Classic Gift Box" to choose from 3 sizes

At Linz stores (excluding outlet stores), a Christmas promotion will be held in which people who purchase over 8,500 yen (tax included) will receive a stuffed reindeer as a gift. The implementation period is from November 2nd to December 25th, and the quantity is limited.

Linz's Christmas promotion "Reindeer plush toys"
Lindt embroidery on the back