How to save lettuce
How long will it last ...

The other day, it was cold, so when I thought about using a pot, I was surprised that Chinese cabbage was considerably higher than usual. It seems that the prices of some vegetables have risen significantly this year due to the impact of many typhoons.

By the way, it was like this at the supermarket in my neighborhood (as of the 5th week of October, all tax excluded).

・ Lettuce 1 ball 248 yen ・ Cabbage 1 ball 298 yen ・ Carrot 3 bottles 268 yen ・ Chinese cabbage 1/2 280 yen ・ Tomato 1 piece 198 yen

It is unavoidable that the price depends on the weather. But I still want to eat vegetables! In order to manage this period wisely, I would like to introduce the measures that the author is also taking.

1. Rely on vegetables whose prices are hard to fluctuate

This marinade of bean sprouts

Bean sprouts and mushrooms are honor students at such times. You can get plenty at a reasonable price. It's a good idea to cook on a menu that is easy to store, such as namul or marinade.

The prices of canned vegetables such as tomatoes and young corn are also stable. By the way, the bright red tomato cans are different in variety from raw tomatoes and contain a lot of lycopene. In addition, cut vegetables and frozen vegetables are also hard to fluctuate.

2. Reduce vegetable loss

Depending on the vegetables, it may be better to buy the whole vegetables than the cut ones. But if it gets damaged before it's used up, there's no source or child. Let's check again how to store vegetables to make them last a little longer.


How to save lettuce
I want to use it up as it is crispy

Immediately after purchasing, soak it in hot water of about 50 degrees for a while, drain it well, put it in a storage bag or tapper with the core left, and go to the vegetable room. Apply a thin layer of flour to the cut end of the core. This way you can keep the crispy texture for a week.

How to save lettuce
The shining leaves will come back to life


Image of two carrots
It will flutter unexpectedly

It is also a good idea to make side dishes such as carrot rape and carrot rape, or to freeze them in julienne and process them all at once. When storing in the refrigerator, wipe off the water, wrap it in newspaper, etc. and store it upright (even in a cool and dark place in winter).

How to store carrots
Frozen carrots can be used as stir-fry or soup

How to store carrots
Prevent moisture and store

If it becomes stubborn, there is also the brute force of soaking it in water to revive it (although it tastes less ...).


How to store cabbage
Cabbage indispensable for the table

This is also quite troublesome, as it quickly shrivels and the cut end becomes dark. Basically, it is stored in the vegetable room, but it will last longer if the core is hollowed out and moistened with kitchen paper. If it has been cut, wrap it only in the cut end and put it in a storage bag, or cut it into small pieces and freeze it.

How to store cabbage
If you think it's too much, you can freeze it.

3. Change the refrigerator

My mother is the type who eats what she wants without worrying about the price. However, there are many cases where the vegetables you buy are put in the vegetable room as they are and spoiled ... (It's annoying). For such a person, it would be good to change the refrigerator as a fundamental solution. The vegetable room of a major manufacturer these days has a great function.

One of the features of Hitachi's latest refrigerator XG series is the "fresh sleep vegetable room". It has a moisturizing cover that traps water and prevents it from drying out, and the effect of carbon dioxide gas keeps vegetables "sleeping".

Hitachi Refrigerator XG Series
Suppress the breathing of vegetables and keep them fresh

From Mitsubishi Electric, the WX series equipped with the "Morning Vegetable Room" will be released this fall. By promoting photosynthesis with LEDs, it increases vitamin C while maintaining freshness .

Mitsubishi Electric Refrigerator
Let's illuminate with 3 color LEDs so that it is as close to the natural state as possible

Even after overcoming this time, it is the agricultural products that we do not know when the price will rise again. I want to enjoy my meal while devising various things.