Star Wars Mino Yakisoba Inoguchi
The latest work is about to be released!

IDC Otsuka Kagu Shinjuku Showroom will open a limited-time pop-up corner with the interiors of the movie "Star Wars" from November 5th. Limited time until early January 2017.

Star Wars traditional crafts
The latest home collection

During the period, a concept room and photo spot where you can enjoy the world view of Star Wars will appear in the store. A rare figure of the character "Death Trooper" that appears in the latest work "Rogue One / Star Wars Story" scheduled to be released in December will also be on display.

In addition, limited-edition products and pre-sale products will also be sold. Featured items are as follows. * All listed prices do not include tax

・ Otsuka Kagu Limited Cushion Cover with the latest art design

Introducing a cushion cover limited to Otsuka Kagu, which is designed with the latest characters. All 12 types (45 cm square), 3,000 yen each.

Star Wars Otsuka Kagu Limited Cushion Cover
To accent your room

・ Collection produced in each traditional Japanese craft production area

Lacquer ware such as Yamanaka-nuri three-tiered tray, half-moon tray, bowl with lid, Shigaraki ware tumbler, set of 4 small plates of Mino ware, Otsuka furniture pre-sale Obon, Mino ware mug, square plate, etc. Collection for sale.

Star Wars traditional crafts
Yamanaka-nuri bowl with lid 3,000 yen each

Star Wars traditional crafts
(Left) Yamanaka-nuri weight 10,000 yen (Right) Shigaraki ware tumbler 3,800 yen * Released on 11/21

Star Wars traditional crafts
Mino ware chopstick rest 6 pieces 3,000 yen

Star Wars traditional crafts
Mino ware small plate 4-disc set 2,500 yen

・ "Star Wars" Ukiyo-e 2nd

The second installment of "Ukiyo-e Star Wars" that has been on sale since last year. This time, a completely limited quantity product using Echizen Japanese paper made by Mr. Ichibei Iwano, the 9th generation of "Living National Treasure". The size is 390-410 x 275 mm. Reservation starts from November 16th, scheduled to be released in late December. Each item is 50,000 yen, and a set of 3 works is 150,000 yen.

Star Wars traditional crafts
Completely original woodblock prints by painters Ukiyo-e