± 0 (plus or minus zero) steam humidifier "Z210"
Form like a water bottle standing quietly

The steam humidifier "Z210" has been resold from the design product brand "± 0 (plus or minus zero)". The price is 12,000 yen (excluding tax). It can be purchased at the official brand online shop.

The steam type is characterized by boiling water with the power of electricity and diffusing steam. It has a high humidifying capacity, and if you drive it continuously, the room will be fully moisturized, so it is recommended for rooms where you study for entrance exams. Also, by boiling, the growth of germs can be suppressed.

± 0 (plus or minus zero) steam humidifier "Z210"
For people who are not good at caring for beans

On the other hand, there are disadvantages such as electricity cost is higher than vaporization type and ultrasonic type, and steam at the outlet is hot, so I want to use it properly according to the scene.

The size is H195 x W250 x D255 mm, and the weight is about 1.9 kg. Compatible with Western-style rooms of about 10 tatami mats. Comes with an aroma pot and a special filter. There are three color variations: white, brown, and yellow.

± 0 (plus or minus zero) steam humidifier "Z210"
Color variations