Mechanical pencil type scanner dictionary "Nasol"
A dictionary that fits in a pencil case

Sharp will release a pen-type scanner dictionary "Nasol" on December 8th, which allows you to look up the meaning by simply tracing a word. Two models, a Japanese model and an English-Japanese model, are open for price.

To use it, just press the switch on the main unit and trace the words you do not understand on the paper. It also supports vertical writing, and it seems that up to 100 histories can be saved.

Mechanical pencil type scanner dictionary "Nasol"
You can understand by tracing

The Japanese model is equipped with "Super Daijirin 3.0". In addition to abundant new words, the meanings that are commonly used today are explained with priority, which is useful for understanding books and newspapers that are read daily.

The English-Japanese model is equipped with the "Grand Concise English-Japanese Dictionary" that includes a wide range of specialized words from science and engineering, medicine, social science, IT to life, law, and sports in addition to everyday words. It seems that you can read foreign books, English newspapers / magazines, and English business documents without any hassle.

The size including the protective cap is about 158 x 36 x 21 mm, and the weight is about 86 g. It runs on two AAA alkaline batteries or two AAA Ni-MH batteries. Characters on the display screen, handwritten and special font characters, and characters with colors that have a weak contrast with the background may not be read correctly.