PLAZA "Party Goods"
Image of "PEANUTS Cupcake Kit"

Party goods designed with PEANUTS characters will be on sale from early November at each "PLAZA" and "MINiPLA" store. A part of the lineup is as follows. All listed prices do not include tax. Handling differs depending on the store.

"PEANUTS Cupcake Kit" 920 yen (2 types of aluminum cups, 20 pieces each, 5 types of picks, 3 pieces each)

A cupcake kit that includes an aluminum cup with a pattern reminiscent of the American flag and Snoopy's picks.

"PEANUTS Gel Gem" 13 types, 920 yen each

PEANUTS gel gem

An item that can be attached to a window glass or mirror for decoration. In addition to Christmas patterns such as trees and wreaths, there are also classic motifs such as hearts, and you can enjoy your favorite coordination by combining them.

・ "PEANUTS Acrylic Tumbler" All 2 types 550 yen each

PEANUTS acrylic tumbler

Acrylic tumbler with Snoopy wearing Santa Claus. The material is hard to break, so it is recommended for parties with children. The content is 290 ml.

・ "PEANUTS Flushing Light" All 2 types 1,500 yen each

PEANUTS flushing light

A light with glittering Snoopy and snowflakes. Built-in LED, uses 2 button batteries.

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