"Nescafe Flavor Roast" x "Drops of God" Wine Bistro
That's the wine ... This Bardivieso

The wine manga "Drops of God" has gained popularity due to its lyrical expression of wine and stories like a treasure hunt. I think there are many people who got into the world of wine as a result of this work.

One of the charms of this work is that all real wines come out. When I read it, I think, "I also want to drink wine that can meet the" strawberry field maiden "!" (I can't afford it ...).

"Wine Bistro", a cafe where you can enjoy the wine that appeared in the Drops of God, will open for a limited time from today (November 15) at "Nescafe Harajuku" (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). At the same time, a limited dinner course and a sweets plate will be offered, so I visited early.

12 kinds of wine will appear during the period

Chef Masahito Uno, who specializes in French cuisine, handles the dinner course. The plate, which incorporates seasonal ingredients as an accent, is sure to liven up conversations during meals as well as mariage with wine.

"Nescafe Flavor Roast" x "Drops of God" Wine Bistro
Appetizer "Tartine tailoring of red shrimp and seafood" in the image of autumn leaves

"Nescafe Flavor Roast" x "Drops of God" Wine Bistro
Main "Roasted duck blueberry sauce from Aomori prefecture" The sauce is pumpkin and blueberry. Sweetness matches the rich taste of duck

A total of 12 types of wine will be offered, 6 different types from November 15th to 20th and 22nd to 27th.

"Nescafe Flavor Roast" x "Drops of God" Wine Bistro
For sparkling, there is also "Wine like Mademoiselle in Paris" provided on board the first class (Volume 25).

"Nescafe Flavor Roast" x "Drops of God" Wine Bistro
White has a lineup of candidates for the "3 bottles of home-drinking wine" project (34 volumes)

"Nescafe Flavor Roast" x "Drops of God" Wine Bistro
In red, "Pinot Noir as elegant as a ballerina" (Volume 32) Issei selects for business class

At the tasting party, I received the Chilean sparkling wine "Baldivieso Extra Brut" (the one that appeared in the column at the end of Volume 16). It's a fruity wine with the scent of green apples, and the appetizer with the scent of sudachi was a wonderful match to admire "Is this a mariage!"

Discerning sweets and coffee

In addition, a set of sweets and "Nescafe flavor roasting" that appeared in the special edition of "Mariage-Drops of God Final Chapter-", which is currently being serialized, is also provided. The sweets were designed by Mr. Takagi, the owner and chef of "Le Patissier Takagi". People who like wine are often coffee lovers, but you can also enjoy the mariage of coffee and sweets.

"Nescafe Flavor Roasting Depth" x Chef Takagi's Special Gateau Chocolate
"Nescafe flavor roasting depth" x Chef Takagi's special gateau chocolate A gateau chocolate with a moist feeling

"Nescafe Flavor Roasted Roundness" x Chef Takagi's Special Creme Brulee
"Nescafe Flavor Roasted Roundness" x Chef Takagi's Special Creme Brulee Enchanted by the delicate caramel and vanilla scents

The details of Wine Bistro are as follows. Information on wine and food will be released on the special website, but we recommend that you reread the work before you visit!

["Nescafe Flavor Roast" x "Drops of God" Wine Bistro]
Business period: November 15th-November 27th 18: 00-21: 00 (* November 21st is reserved business)
Store location: 1-22-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Nescafe Harajuku Menu: Dinner course (5,000 yen), Sweets special plate (1,000 yen) * Tax not included, limited to 15 meals a day. Check the situation on the day. Reservation is possible.

"Nescafe Flavor Roast" x "Drops of God" Wine Bistro
Image of dinner course
"Nescafe Flavor Roast" x "Drops of God" Wine Bistro: Nescafe Harajuku
Address:1-22-8 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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