Naive Local Body Soap Cherry Blossoms
Cherry scented body soap

From the body care brand "Naive", the second product in the "Local Body Soap" series, which contains plant extracts from all over Japan, is now available. It will be sold in limited quantities from November 28th.

This time, "Satozakura flower extract" from Kanagawa prefecture is used as a "moisturizing ingredient". In Kanagawa Prefecture, the production of pickled cherry blossoms began in the Edo period, and the production of edible and processed cherry blossoms is the highest in Japan.

The cleaning ingredients are 100% vegetable. The gorgeous scent of cherry blossoms and the gentle lather will cleanse you comfortably. In addition, the main body comes with a winning prayer icon in the shape of a votive tablet with the wish of "Sakura blooming". The price is open.