Hoshino Resort Aomoriya
"Hoshino Resort Aomoriya" (Aomori / Misawa City), one of the 10 best open-air baths with a spectacular view

Along with "Good Bath Day" on November 26th, the travel information magazine "Jalan" announced "10 selections of open-air baths with superb views". It seems that "open-air baths that I really want you to go" were carefully selected for each theme such as ocean view and snow view.

The selected open-air baths and their characteristics are as follows.

■ Hotel New Awaji Plaza Awaji Island (Hyogo / Minamiawaji City)
A hotel located on a cape at the southern tip of Awaji Island. When you take the women's view hot spring open-air bath, the Naruto Strait and Onaruto Bridge will spread out in front of you. The men's observatory hot spring open-air bath, which also looks out over the sea, was renewed in July 2016.

Hotel New Awaji Plaza Awaji Island

■ Koraku Onyado Fuji Ginkei (Yamanashi / Fujikawaguchiko Town)
There is nothing blocking the view of the open-air bath on the roof, and you can see Mt. Fuji upside down in fine weather without wind. It is often sunny in winter than in summer, and there is a high probability that you can see Mt. Fuji upside down.

Koraku Onyado Fuji Ginkei

■ Highland Resort Again (Nagano / Chino City)
A pension on the clouds built at an altitude of 1,750m. The free private open-air bath has the Southern Alps in front, Mt. Tateshina on the right, and a birch in the foreground. If you take a bath early in the morning, you can see the mysterious scenery of Mt. Tateshina illuminated by the morning sun.

Highland Resort Again

■ Kanzanji Sago Royal Hotel (Shizuoka / Hamamatsu City)
All rooms are lake view facilities. The rooftop open-air bath "Hiten" overlooks Lake Hamana from a height of about 40m. Especially at dusk, it is dramatic that the colors of the sky and the lake change from moment to moment.

Kanzanji Sago Royal Hotel

■ Hotel Fuki no Mori (Nagano / Nagiso Town)
An open-air bath where there is little light from the outside world and you can clearly see the countless stars that emerge in the jet-black sky. In winter, snow may accumulate, and you can see the snow-covered mountains of Kiso from the windows of the guest rooms.

Hotel Fuki no Mori (Nagano / Nagiso Town)

■ Galaxy Legend Tennomaru (Aichi / Kota Town)
A hot spring inn built on "Enbomineyama" in the middle of the Sanganesan Skyline. Takeshima and Mikawaoshima floating in Mikawa Bay, and Atsumi Peninsula can be seen far away. It is recommended to use winter when the air is clear and the swaying night view is especially beautiful.

Galaxy Legend Glittering Sky Inn Tennomaru

■ Kawane Onsen Fureai no Izumi (Shizuoka / Shimada City)
An open-air bath where you can see the SL of Oigawa Railway. The time when the SL passes between Nukuri Station and Kawane Onsen Sasamato Station is especially popular, and everyone seems to be looking at the SL crossing the iron bridge while raising smoke.

Kawane Onsen Fureai no Izumi

■ Nanki Katsuura Onsen Hotel Urashima (Wakayama / Nachikatsuura Town)
A cave bath with a height of 15m and a depth of 50m created by the erosion of the wave wind. The opening of the cave faces the Pacific Ocean, and you can experience the scale of being immersed in the sea.

Nanki Katsuura Onsen Hotel Urashima

■ Misaki Onsen Center (Kumamoto / Ashikita Town)
Located on the hill of Otachimisaki Park, an open-air bath with the Shiranui Sea and the islands of Amakusa under your eyes. The mysterious sight of the sea and sky dyeing orange at dusk is so beautiful that everyone will be fascinated.

Misaki Onsen Center

■ Hoshino Resort Aomoriya (Aomori / Misawa City)
On winter nights, you can enjoy the Nebuta lanterns and musical accompaniment while soaking in the hot water. The highlights are traditional performing arts such as the Tsugaru shamisen and folk songs that are held every night.