IKEA restaurant & cafe "Julebord"

Raw Christmas trees are now on sale at each IKEA store. The restaurant and cafe in the store also offers a Swedish Christmas dinner "Julebord".

The sale of raw Christmas trees is an annual project. You can choose your favorite one from trees of different sizes and shapes. The price is 2,499 yen (tax included, same below). The sale period is until December 11, and will end as soon as the stock runs out. If you collect the used tree at the IKEA store within the specified period (January 4 to 15, 2017), the "tree purchase certificate" issued at the time of purchase will be used as a coupon for 1,000 yen. can.

IKEA store "raw Christmas tree"

At the restaurant and cafe in the store, the Swedish-style Christmas dinner "Julebord", which you can enjoy in a buffet style, will be offered until December 25th. There are more than 30 dishes such as Swedish Christmas ham, traditional dishes such as "Jansson's Temptation", roast beef, lampfish caviar, and chocolate fountain.

IKEA restaurant & cafe "Julebord"
"Julebord" with more than 30 dishes

IKEA restaurant & cafe "Julebord"

The outline of "Julebord" is as follows. Time and admission may be restricted during times of congestion.
Location: IKEA Restaurant & Cafe Period: December 1st-December 25th * December 8th is regular menu only, 18:00 Closing time: 17: 00-20: 30 (last order)
* Sendai store only Weekdays 17: 00-18: 30
Fee: Adults 2,500 yen / Children 900 yen * Children under 12 years old, free for children under 4 years old