TSUTAYA 2016 Annual Ranking
I passed this year too ...

TSUTAYA announces "TSUTAYA 2016 Annual Ranking" for DVD, music and comic rental. The most popular rental works in 2016 have been revealed.

"Jurassic World", which was produced by Steven Spielberg, won the first place in the overall video rental ranking. I also enjoyed the theater and rental! In addition, it seems that anime works that parents and children can enjoy were popular.

Jurassic World

■ DVD rental general ranking (according to TSUTAYA nationwide)
1st place Jurassic World / NBC Universal Entertainment Japan
2nd place Zootopia / Walt Disney Japan
3rd place Bakemono no Ko / Bop
4th place Star Wars / Force Awakening / Walt Disney Japan
5th Odyssey / 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan

The overall number one music rental album is the back number "Chandelier". In addition, the blockbuster movie soundtrack "Your Name" (RADWIMPS) and "Fantome" released by Hikaru Utada for the first time in eight years are also ranked high.

back number "Chandelier"

■ Music rental album general ranking (according to TSUTAYA nationwide)
1st place chandelier / back number
2nd place Your name is. / RADWIMPS
3rd place YELLOW DANCER / Gen Hoshino
4th place Just LOVE / Kana Nishino
5th place Fantome / Hikaru Utada

In the single, "Koi" (Gen Hoshino), whose drama is in great shape, ranked first. Namie Amuro's "Hero", which made the summer Olympics exciting, is also new to my memory.

Gen Hoshino's single "Koi"

■ Music rental single general ranking (according to TSUTAYA nationwide)
1st place Koi / Gen Hoshino
2nd place Hero / Namie Amuro
3rd place I seek / Daylight / Arashi
4th place Torisetsu / Kana Nishino
5th place resurrection LOVE / Arashi

The last is comic rental. "Orange," which was announced as a live-action movie and TV animation, won first place. It seems that it is the first place for two consecutive years!

Ichigo Takano "orange"

■ Comic rental ranking (according to TSUTAYA nationwide)
1st place orange / Ichigo Takano
2nd place A town without me / Kei Sanbe
3rd place Kingdom / Yasuhisa Hara
4th place Kurosaki-kun can't follow / Makino
5th place Tokyo Ghoul: re / Sui Ishida

The data is aggregated based on the usage data of about 60 million T-members. In addition, it seems that corners will be developed at TSUTAYA stores in conjunction with rental rankings (excluding some stores). Why not check out the year-end and New Year holidays so you don't miss the topic?