Image of Home Appliance Award 2016

Among the white goods released in 2016, the interim results of the "Home Appliance Award 2016", which determines the most popular products, have been announced. At the top are "Dyson V8 Fluffy" and "VERMICULAR".

The "Home Appliance Award" is an award run by the news sites "GetNavi web" and "Home Appliance Watch". Based on the reader's vote, it states that "a product that has innovative technology and advanced design and is highly evaluated by users will be commended."

The results of the interim tabulation about two weeks after the start of voting are as follows. Voting is accepted until January 5, 2017, and the grand prize and each category prize will be announced on March 24, 2017.

Interim announcement of "Home Appliance Award 2016" (as of December 15, 2016)

1st place Dyson Dyson V8 Fluffy

Dyson "Dyson V8 Fluffy"

2nd place VERMICULAR rye spot


3rd place Dyson Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Interim announcement of each category award

■ Vacuum cleaner department
1st place Dyson Dyson V8 Fluffy
2nd place Panasonic "iT" MC-BU500J
3rd place Mitsubishi Electric iNSTICK HC-VXF30P

■ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Division
1st place iRobot Roomba 960
2nd place Panasonic "RULO" MC-RS200
3rd place iRobot Braver Jet 240

■ Refrigerator department
1st place Hitachi "Vacuum Chilled" R-WX7400G
2nd place Panasonic Partial refrigerator WPV type NR-F672WPV
3rd place Mitsubishi Electric WX Series MR-WX70A

■ Rice cooker section
1st place ZOJIRUSHI Pressure IH Rice Cooker Extremely Cooked Nanbu Tekki Extremely Hagama NW-AS10
2nd place VERMICULAR Rye spot
3rd place Panasonic Steam & Variable Pressure IH Jar Rice Cooker W Dance Cook SR-SPX106

■ Oven toaster section
1st place Sharp Helsio Grie AX-H1
2nd place Panasonic 3 star bistro NE-BS1300
3rd place Sharp Water Oven Helsio AX-XW300

■ Kitchen appliances department
1st place BALMUDA The Pot
2nd place Tefal Cook For Me
3rd place Doshisha Electric Fluffy Snow Shaver DTY-16BK

■ Air conditioner department
1st place Daikin Industries Urusara 7 (R series)
2nd place Panasonic room air conditioner Aeolia WX series
3rd place Mitsubishi Electric Kirigamine FZ series

■ Seasonal home appliances division
1st place Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier Mosquito Removal Kusei FU-GK50
2nd place Daikin Industries Humidifying Streamer Air Purifier MCK70T
3rd place Doshisha Kleberin LED mounted mood hybrid humidifier

■ Washing machine department
1st place Panasonic tanned drum washer / dryer NA-VX9700
2nd place Hitachi Heat Recycle Wind Iron Big Drum BD-NX120A
3rd place Sharp Plasmacluster washer / dryer ES-ZP1

■ Grooming section
1st place Dyson Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
2nd place Panasonic Hair Dryer Nano Care EH-NA98
3rd place Sharp Plasmacluster Scalp Esthe IB-GX9K

■ Healthcare department
1st place Tanita Dual Type Body Composition Monitor Inner Scan Dual RD-800
2nd place Panasonic Air Massager Leg Reflex EW-RA96
3rd place France Bed Fir Master Extreme

■ IoT division
1st place Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link
2nd place Nestle Nescafe Gold Blend Barista i [eye]
3rd place Robit Awakening Curtain mornin'