PAUL & JOE La Papeterie Spring / Summer 2017
"PAUL & JOE" stationery that colors your new life

"PAUL & JOE" stationery line "PAUL & JOE La Papeterie" has announced a new spring / summer product collection. Released by Marks.

The long-awaited second collection includes the floral pattern "Krisantame", which is loved as an iconic motif of the brand, the "striped bouquet" that combines colorful flowers and the striped pattern, and the "ink painting" with an impressive black cat with an ink painting touch. Two patterns of "cat" are available for a limited time. More than 15 types are available, including new items such as clips and document cases.

PAUL & JOE La Papeterie Spring / Summer 2017
I want to arrange in a series!

The main lineup is as follows. Online Marks and Marks directly managed stores (excluding Grafia Yokohama store) will be on sale from February 4, and will be released sequentially from February 15 at dealers nationwide. * All listed prices do not include tax.

・ Masking tape 860 yen ・ Stick sticker set 700 yen ・ Message card 540 yen ・ Notebook (A5) 1,200 yen ・ Notebook (A6) 860 yen ・ Turn clip 860 yen ・ Stationery case 1,600 yen ・ Pen holder 850 yen ・ Ball pen 2,300 yen ・ Letter set 2,800 yen ・ Letter set 1,900 yen ・ Pen case 2,200 yen ・ Card case 1,900 yen ・ Document case 4,500 yen ・ EDiT 1-page daily notebook (beginning in April) 4,800 yen ・ B6 weekly left notebook (beginning in March) 1,900 yen