Pollen countermeasure goods, pollen glasses, masks

It came suddenly in February, pollen . When I casually cleaned the windows with the windows fully open on the weekend, my family started sneezing, and then my eyes and nose became terrible.

The author started taking measures in a hurry after the onset in the last few years, but recent pollen countermeasure goods are very substantial and many are excellent. In the old days, it was so painful that I couldn't understand the physiognomy in spring, but now it seems that I don't have to give up on fashion.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the latest recommended items under the theme of "Spend the pollen season as comfortably as possible".

The latest model for "pollen glasses"

JINS's pollen countermeasure eyewear series "JINS Pollen Cut" has an impressive CM that sprinkles powder that looks like pollen. This year, the latest model "JINS Pollen Cut SLIM" is on sale.

JINS anti-pollen eyewear
The latest model is here

By designing the transparent hood on the top and sides of the frame to be shallow and slim, a natural look closer to that of ordinary glasses is achieved. Adjustable rubber material is used for the nose pad and temple end, and it seems that the fit can be improved according to the shape of the face.

JINS anti-pollen eyewear
Covers the gaps on the top and sides

JINS anti-pollen eyewear
Adjustable material for nose pad and temple end

JINS anti-pollen eyewear
At first glance, ordinary glasses, but no skis!

I've started using it recently, but I've been able to reguard my eyes, which always turn bright red. Especially when riding a bicycle or on a windy day. There are 8 variations of 2 types, and the price is 5,000 yen (excluding tax, exclusive for prescription lenses).

The "warmth" I wanted for a winter mask

Asfit "Soft Moisturizing Slightly Warm Mask"
Heat ● Mask like a cook

Asfit's "Soft Moisturizing Slightly Warm Mask" is a mask that uses "Top Thermo", a "warm material that absorbs moisture and generates heat." It is a two bird with one stone that keeps warmth while firmly preventing pollen collection efficiency of 99%.

Although it is thick, it is easy to breathe and is soft and soft. It does not generate heat like a body warmer, but wraps around the face with warmth like warm underwear. It costs about 250 yen for 5 pieces.

Asfit "Soft Moisturizing Slightly Warm Mask"
The north wind is also messy

If you don't like the mask, apply it

JINS anti-pollen eyewear
This genre has increased, but I chose Shiseido, which is familiar to women.

For those who cannot wear a mask during work or do not want to wear a mask as much as possible, "Ihada Allele Screen Gel Cool" sold by Shiseido. The company's patented technology that utilizes ions will block pollen and PM2.5 just by applying it around the nose and eyes.

The amount used at one time is about sesame seeds. The clear, smooth gel is easy to apply even over the foundation and can be refreshed with a refreshing eucalyptus mint scent.

JINS anti-pollen eyewear
Thank you for using it around your eyes

As a feeling of use, I feel the effect especially around the eyes. On a windy day, my nose gets a little stuffy, so I wonder if a mask is better.

Frequently catch pollen after going out

JINS anti-pollen eyewear
The last is not pollen goods, but it is convenient to have

When you return from work or after returning home, do you bring the pollen from your clothes into the room as it is?

Pollen on clothes can be removed without flying up by entwining it with adhesive tape. The portable clothes cleaner "Korofuru Mobile" that uses "Korokoro" tape can be carried around and taken measures at any time.

JINS anti-pollen eyewear
Although it is small, its adhesive strength is truly rolling.

It is about 11 cm long and replacement tapes are also available. If you leave it at the entrance or desk, it will come in handy all year round even after the pollen season is over. The price is around 1,000 yen.

JINS anti-pollen eyewear
Drop pollen at the entrance!

The endless battle against pollen as long as spring comes to Japan. The editorial department will continue to discover countermeasure goods!