Tokyu Hands x Stationery Cafe
I love stationery and hands!

Hands Cafe of Tokyu Hands Shibuya store and Umeda store collaborates with "Bunbougu Cafe" in Omotesando, Tokyo. Limited menus and hands-on events are being held until March 15.

The stationery cafe is a cafe where you can freely try out the stationery prepared in the store and purchase various stationery. I have visited there, but the coziness of being absorbed in it and staying longer is attractive.

Bunbougu Cafe in Omotesando
"Bunbougu Cafe" in Omotesando

When I visited the Hands Cafe in Shibuya immediately, there was a corner in the store where you could freely try 1,000 types of pens ! There are new products and pens that you have never seen, and if you find a favorite, you can share it with a review card. A product list is also available, so don't forget to check the pen you are interested in.

Tokyu Hands x Stationery Cafe
Shibuya store is being held on the 7th floor

Tokyu Hands x Stationery Cafe
A tremendous number of pens!

Tokyu Hands x Stationery Cafe
Review cards are also available

In addition, cafe users will receive an original place mat and coaster as a gift. This time, the familiar "Post-it" mat is used with sticky notes. This makes me want to write it ...! * The contents of the mat change every month and vary depending on the store.

Tokyu Hands x Stationery Cafe
February is 3M's luncheon mat (finished as soon as it runs out)

Tokyu Hands x Stationery Cafe
Nice idea that is easy to test write

The stationery parfait is really good!

The regular cafe menu is also on sale, but since it's a big deal, the stationery cafe ordered a "stationery parfait" (1,000 yen including tax) that "made with the image of Tokyu Hands". The parfait, which is unified in hands-colored green, has a refreshing taste with plenty of kiwi and rare cheese accented with lemon jelly, and was eaten by adults as well.

Tokyu Hands x Stationery Cafe
Comes with a collaboration logo monaka. Not too sweet and delicious!

The parfait comes with an "interesting eraser" by Mr. Iwako. The eraser in the shape of a tape cutter was still realistically reproduced in every detail.

Tokyu Hands x Stationery Cafe
In the pen case that was carried with the parfait

Tokyu Hands x Stationery Cafe
With chopsticks of spoons and colored pencils

Tokyu Hands x Stationery Cafe
Reproduce the jagged edges of the tape with the souvenir "Funny Eraser"

In addition, original products from Bunbougu Cafe and products that are not usually handled by Hands are also on sale. Not only stationery lovers, but also hands fans like me who boast that "Tokyu Hands can stay all day long" should stop by for a break from shopping.

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Location: 7F, Tokyu Hands Shibuya, 12-18 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 10:00 to 21:00 * Reservations are possible only on weekdays
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