Potato Chips Consomme S Punch
Consomme potato chips

Calby released a new flavor "Potato Chips Consomme S Punch" limited to convenience stores today (February 20th).

Potato Chips Consomme S Punch
"Potato Chips Consomme S Punch"

This product is based on the familiar consomme flavor and has a spicy and stimulating flavor with spices such as pepper and Japanese pepper. It's an addictive taste that instinct shouts, "This is beer."

Potato Chips Consomme S Punch
Adult consomme punch that comes afterwards

In addition, there is one more thing to enjoy with this product. You can try Calbee's first puzzle-solving game by accessing the URL on the back of the package!

Great Battle of Consomme Punch Country
Consomme W (double) and S (spice) seem to be fighting

One question is posted on the back of the package, but the difficulty level is low. By the way, in order to solve the mystery, you also need a package of the product "Potato Chips Consomme W Punch", which is also sold only at convenience stores.

Potato Chips Consomme S Punch
Even the author with a low level of puzzle solving could solve it

Potato Chips Consomme W Punch
I went to buy in a hurry

The problem production is "Yodaka no Record", which is famous for real mystery solving games and real werewolves. For those who have easily solved the problems on the site, "for maniacs" will be released from March 1st (10 questions in total). Just because you've solved everything doesn't mean you're rewarded. However, like the author , if you have spirits "because there is a mystery" , please play with it! I will also devote a break.

Potato Chips Consomme S Punch
Well ...

Potato Chips Consomme S Punch
I wonder if I can answer inside * No