Lego programming special camp
Let's move Lego as you want!

Programming education that will be compulsory in elementary school in 2020. I think there are many parents who have various worries such as "Can my child keep up?" And "Is it okay if I don't know my parents at all?"

One person who is also interested in the author who has been earnestly following the path of humanities. Meanwhile, I heard a rumor that programming education is being conducted in that Lego, so I sneaked in!

I visited Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo. From this year, a "programming special camp" is being held in collaboration with "Lego School".

Lego programming special camp
"Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo" in Odaiba, Tokyo

Lego programming special camp
Very long time

The event uses Lego's original teaching material "WeDo 2.0 basic set" and learns the basics of programming through processes such as "examining," "assembling," and "presenting." In addition to Lego blocks, the teaching material set also includes smart hubs, motion sensors, motors, etc. for transmitting programs.

Lego programming special camp
You can take your teaching materials home after the camp

So, I started by creating a practice robot "Mylo". As expected, it's quick to assemble Lego!

Lego programming special camp
Find the parts and assemble them

Lego programming special camp
This is equipped with a "Mylo" motion sensor and LED

"WeDo 2.0" released in Japan last year is programming software that can be used on tablets. Programs such as "forward / backward", "voice", and "stop" can be specified with one finger, and the main unit is linked via Bluetooth. For smartphone native children, this operation is also a handy thing.

Lego programming special camp
Operate without resistance

Lego programming special camp

I also tried to operate it, but it is easier than I thought because I can intuitively arrange the story I envisioned from left to right, such as "stop when you see the wall" and "make a sound and hurry back". was. This is fun for adults too ...!

Lego programming special camp
Assembled like a puzzle

Now that I understand the mechanism, I will challenge the amusement park vehicle production this time. We will assemble the design and movement with free ideas.

At the end, we announce one by one and finish. A fun amusement park has been completed!

Lego programming special camp
Show off the vehicle you made to everyone

Lego programming special camp
An original amusement park has been completed

What kind of power do you acquire?

It was a long program of 3 hours, but it was impressive to see everyone working enthusiastically without any interruption in their concentration. Some children still go to kindergarten, but I'm even impressed by how hard they talk in front of a large number of people.

Lego programming special camp
Everyone is really crazy about Lego

“I can stand in front of me just because I want people to see what I made,” says Watanabe, a LEGO certified instructor. It is said that not only the ability to think and solve problems through programming, but also the ability to make presentations will be cultivated at the workshop. At LEGO School, you can deepen your knowledge of mechanics and mechanics through a long-term curriculum using the same teaching materials.

Yes, as you may have noticed, parents don't need any programming knowledge. If you can master the tablet normally, you can participate without problems (tablets can be rented). It is important for parents to "enjoy with their children" without thinking too hard.

What I saw and felt was, "If I met when I was a kid, my future options might have expanded." I don't know what kind of programming education will be introduced in schools in the future, but I hope it will be a time to stimulate curiosity for children.

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