Cute cat x cool boy "Cat and me."
Let's support the rapidly increasing number of boys who like cats!

Pet information magazine "Neko no Kimochi" and pet media "Pet Film" have started a photo project "Nekoto I." on Cat Day (February 22nd). "20 cool boys who love cats" and pictures of cats getting along with each other will appear in the "Mai-nichi no Neko no Kimochi App" (free of charge) on a daily basis.

Profiles of 20 people are also being released on the "Nekoto I." campaign site. We have an attractive lineup that seems to be more nailed than cats.

Cute cat x cool boy "Cat and me."
Are you curious about it?

Photos will be posted daily until May 21st. You can support your favorite photos by "stroking" them on the app or sharing them on SNS, and popular cats and men will be introduced in the LINE stamp model and "Neko no Kimochi" magazine. It seems that it is planned.

With the recent cat boom, the number of "cat-loving boys" is steadily increasing. From now on, it seems that you can expect the connection between cats.

Cute cat x cool boy "Cat and me."
I want to get excited about the story of cats! (Source: "Nekoto I." Campaign Site)