"Uno Emoji" designed by "emoji"
Uno with a lively design is here

From the card game "UNO" series, "Uno Emoji" designed with "emoji" will be released in late February. The manufacturer's suggested retail price is 1,200 yen (excluding tax).

"Uno Emoji" designed by "emoji"
"Uno Emoji"

Uno celebrated its 45th anniversary in March last year and made its first rule changes, such as adding new cards. In the "Uno Emoji" to be released this time, pictograms with various facial expressions are drawn on each card, and a special card limited to the same product has also been added.

The limited special card "Wild Emoji" (4 cards in a box) allows the next person who issues the card to have the same face as the emoticon drawn on the card. In addition, there is also a "White Emoji" (two in a box) that you can enjoy by writing your favorite rules.

"Uno Emoji" designed by "emoji"
Emoji face mane, photo opportunity!

An emoji that was originally born from Japanese mobile phone culture. It's going to get even more exciting with fun designs and exciting rules.