Liquid bandage with brush "WaterAid"

A limited bottle of "WaterAid", a liquid bandage with a brush, will be released by Okiyaku on March 13. Two types of packages designed with Sanrio's popular characters "Hello Kitty" and "Pompompurin" will be developed. The suggested retail price is 850 yen each (excluding tax). Limited quantity.

WaterAid is a "painting type" adhesive plaster that applies a clear liquid to the wound, dries it, and protects it with a film. It is transparent and unobtrusive, and fits perfectly on your fingertips. It also contains bactericidal ingredients that are effective in disinfecting wounds.

The limited edition bottles to be released are designed with the motifs of Hello Kitty and Pompompurin's faces and colors. The size is W90 x D21 x H107 mm. The capacity is 12 ml.