Eliere Kirekira! Thoroughly remove invisible stains Toilet cleaning sheet Nano EX (for refilling)

Eliere's toilet cleaning sheet "Kirekira! ], A new high-grade product "Toilet cleaning sheet Nano EX (for refilling) that thoroughly removes invisible stains" has appeared. It will be on sale from April 1st.

The world's first toilet paper cleaner containing ultrafine cellulose nanofibers (CNF). "Kirekira! ] In addition to the original three-dimensional uneven processing, it seems that even fine nano stains (bacteria, urine splash, odor, sebum stains, etc.) can be thoroughly caught by blending CNF. The surface strength is about twice as high as that of the conventional product "One-sheet thorough toilet cleaning sheet". A new 24-hour antibacterial and deodorant function has also been added.