KINGDOM NOTE Kyoto Vegetable Series Fountain Pen
The end of the series is spring vegetables

"Kyoyasai Series", a collaboration fountain pen created by the writing instrument specialty store "KINGDOM NOTE" and Sailor Pen Co., Ltd., released "Shirako Bamboo Shoots" and "Fushimi Hanana" on March 2nd. The price is 19,440 yen each (tax included).

This series is a fountain pen based on the slim type of the "Professional Gear" series, which represents the Sailor Pen. The fourth product, which concludes, has a motif of light-colored spring Kyoto vegetables.

Hana Fushimi uses yellow for the crown and cap, and green for the neck, trunk, and hips. Shirako bamboo shoots are beige for the crown, cap, and neck, and white for the trunk and hips. The silhouette of each vegetable is engraved on the pen tip. Limited edition of 50 bottles of each color at KINGDOM NOTE stores and online stores.

KINGDOM NOTE Kyoto Vegetable Series Fountain Pen
A small spring on the nib